War museums - Memorials

Mémorial de Caen     
CAEN 14000
Esplanade Eisenhower
Tél: 02 31 06 06 44
Fax: 02 31 06 06 70
Nowadays, the Memorial of Caen remains the only museum to give an overview of History from 1918 to our days. From the beginning, the Memorial has been dedicated to the causes and consequences of the Second World War, and today the perspective widens.
Thanks to 2500 m2 of new areas, the visitor will be able to carry on with his trip through one of the most striking event of the second half of the century : the Cold War. Afterwards the visitor will end his trip through History in a place devoted to peace, an ideal place for thinking and meditating.
A shining example in the richness of the collection exhibited, innovative in the presentation, the Memorial of Caen combines History with a resolutely modern concept.


Musée départemental de la Résistance
Mairie - Le Bourg
Tél: 02 32 56 94 86
Over 500 objects and documents are testimony to the period of the Scond World War and the local resistance (maquis Surcouf).